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Payroll Information

Payroll Information

Payroll Checks:

White Oak ISD employees are paid on the 25th of each month unless the 25th falls on a Saturday or Sunday.  In this event, paychecks will be distributed on the Friday prior to the 25th.  If the 25th falls on a school holiday, paychecks will be distributed on the last business day prior to the holiday.

During the school year, paychecks will be distributed by campus administration or supervisors.  During the months of June and July, paychecks and direct deposit stubs may be picked up in the WOISD Business Office before noon.  All paychecks not picked up by noon will be mailed to the address on file in the WOISD Payroll Department.  All direct deposit stubs that are not picked up will be held and forwarded to the campuses on the first business day after summer break.

Paychecks will not be released to any person other than the district employee named on the check without the employee’s written authorization.

Payroll Direct Deposit:

All WOISD employees are encouraged to participate in the payroll direct deposit program.  Direct Deposit Authorization Forms are located on the website, in all campus offices, and in the payroll office.  Employees who want to use direct deposit must submit a Direct Deposit Authorization Form (with a voided check attached) to the payroll office no later than the 10th day of the month for it to go into effect on that month's payroll.  The employee must notify the Payroll Coordinator in writing if the direct deposit needs to cease for any reason including a change in banks or bank accounts.  When a change occurs, the employee will be issued a regular payroll check until a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form is submitted to the payroll office.

Payroll Changes:

All requests for payroll changes, including both address and voluntary deduction changes, must be made in writing and are due in the payroll office no later than the 10th day of the calendar month. To change marital status or exemptions for tax purposes, the employee must submit a new W-4 Form to the payroll office.  W-4 Forms may be obtained from the website, any campus office, or from the payroll office.

Overtime Compensation:

The district compensates overtime for non-exempt employees in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  All employees are classified as exempt or non-exempt for purposes of overtime compensation.  Professional and administrative employees are ineligible for overtime compensation.  Non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime compensation.  Non-exempt employees are not authorized to work beyond their normal work schedule without advance approval from their supervisor.

Overtime is defined as hours worked in the same workweek in excess of 40 hours.  For the purpose of calculating overtime, the WOISD workweek begins at 12:01 a.m. Sunday and ends at midnight on Saturday.    Employees who work more than 40 hours in a week will be monetarily compensated at time-and-a-half or with the equivalent time off.

All overtime work must be pre-approved by the supervisor.  Employees who work unauthorized overtime may be subject to disciplinary action.

The following information applies to non-exempt employees:

  • Monthly timesheets will be maintained and submitted to the business office with monthly payroll reports for the purpose of wage and salary administration.
  • Employees will be required to use the compensatory time prior to using any other available paid leave. (state or local leave)
  • Use of compensatory time may be at the employee’s request with supervisor approval as workload permits.

Required Payroll Deductions as of 9/1/2022:

  • Federal Withholding – Figured automatically by the income tax withholding percentage method according to the marital status and number of exemptions claimed on the W-4 Form.  Employees may request additional federal withholdings on the W-4 Form.
  • Medicare – 1.45% of the gross salary will be deducted each pay period for any person hired after March 31, 1986.
  • Teacher Retirement (TRS) – 8% of total gross salary deducted each pay period.  Deductions are on a pre-tax basis.  TRS membership is limited to employees who work a minimum 20-hour workweek or drive at least one Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved bus route.
  • Retirement Insurance through TRS – .65% of total gross salary deducted each pay period. (Applicable to TRS members only)
  • Social Security – Effective 9/1/04, contributions to social security will cease and all employees who are ineligible for TRS membership will contribute into a personal retirement savings account. (FICA Alternative Plan) Effective 9/1/05 the accounts will be managed by The Premier Advantage Plan / ING. (See brochure)
  • FICA Alternative Plan (FIA) – Effective 9/1/05, 7.5% of total gross salary is deducted each pay period on a pre-tax basis.  The FIA deduction is applicable only to those employees who are not eligible for TRS.  The employee will contribute into a personal retirement savings account with Trusted Capital Group (TCG).

Voluntary Payroll Deductions:

  • Health Insurance (TRS ActiveCare) – Monthly deductions are based on the type of plan requested and are available on a pre-tax basis.  Premiums are set annually and finalized in August of each year. WOISD currently contributes $275 per month for each participating employee which offsets to premium. (as of 9/1/22) Plan details and customer service information may be found on the TRS ActiveCare website. 
  • Many other voluntary insurance coverage options, including dental, vision, disability and life insurance plans, are included in the Section 125 cafeteria plan administered by First Financial Administrators, Inc. The annual benefits guide is emailed to all employees during open enrollment each summer, and changes can be made during that time. Changes at other times of the year are only allowable if there is a qualifying life event.  The guide can also be downloaded under the Payroll and Benefits section of the Business Office page.  The Employee Benefits Center may be accessed at
  • 403(b) & 457 Plans – These amounts are deducted from each check on a pre-tax basis and serve as an additional retirement savings method for the employee.  The employee and/or the employee’s agent is responsible for supplying First Financial Administrators with the 403(b) or 457 vendor information and the voluntary contribution amount.  First Financial will then provide WOISD with the information to process the correct payroll deduction. 
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (First Financial Group of America Administrators) – Flexible Spending Accounts, Healthcare Spending Accounts, and Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts are available on a pre-tax basis to all eligible employees. Annual IRS limits apply. 

Benefit Information
White Oak ISD provides all permanent employees who regularly work ten (10) or more hours, including bus drivers, with a $30,000 life insurance policy.  Please note: The policy has a benefit reduction based on age starting at age 70.  Please refer to the Group Term Life program summary guide in the Employee Benefits Center for more information. 

Leaves and Absences: See DEC (Local) and DEC (Legal) for further details

  • State Personal Leave – State leave may be earned by all employees at a rate of one-half day for every 18 days worked with a maximum of 5 days per year.  State personal leave is transferable among Texas public school districts with no limit on accumulation.
  • Local Leave – Local leave may be earned by full-time employees at a rate of one-half day for every 18 days worked with a maximum of 5 days per year.  Local leave is not transferable to other public school districts. A maximum of 10 days may be accumulated.
  • Extended Local Sick Leave – In accordance with Board Policy DEC (Local), after all available paid leave days and any applicable compensatory time have been exhausted, a full-time employee who has been employed by the District for the 12 months preceding the request for leave shall be granted in a school year a maximum of 20 leave days of extended sick leave to be used for the employee's personal illness or injury, including pregnancy-related illness or injury, or for absences related to the illness or injury of a member of the employee's immediate family. 
  • A written request for extended sick leave must be accompanied by medical certification of the illness or injury. 
  • The District shall deduct an amount equal to 30 percent of the individual employee's daily rate of pay for each day of extended sick leave taken, whether or not a substitute is employed.
  • Family Medical Leave – The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides eligible employees who have twelve months and 1,250 hours of service with up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave for the birth of a child; adoption or placement of a child; serious health condition of employee’s child, spouse or parent; or serious personal illness.  The District requires employees to use Family Medical Leave concurrently with paid leave and with temporary disability leave, if applicable.
  • Workers’ Compensation – The District, in accordance with state law, provides workers’ compensation benefits to all employees who suffer a work-related illness or are injured on the job.  Benefits help pay for medical treatment and make up for lost income while recovering.  Specific benefits are prescribed by law depending on the circumstances of each case.  All work-related accidents or injuries must be reported immediately to the campus principal or immediate supervisor who will in turn notify the business office.  After the injury/accident is reported, the campus principal or immediate supervisor must complete a White Oak ISD Employee Accident Report and submit it to the business office within 24 hours of the incident. Please note that "Workers' Compensation" is not a leave type, and paid leave offset cannot be combined with workers' compensation income benefits.