Congratulations to the Middle School Math/Science Team.  They placed 3rd over all at the TMSCA Sabine meet this weekend.  They have made great progress  this year!  Individual awards are below.  Thank you to Ms. Broussard for sharing the great news!

6th grade Number Sense - 

Shay Richardson - 3rd place

Carson Williams - 6th place

Brynton Shelton - 8th place

Colton Zivney - 9th place

7th grade Number Sense 

Owen Hughes -7th place

8th grade Number Sense

Reid Theriot - 8th place

6th grade Calculator

Shay Richardson - 2nd place

Carson Williams - 7th place

7th grade Calculator

Issac Bruno - 5th place

Beau Tincher - 7th place

Chase Berwick - 8th place

Austin Fisher - 9th place

6th grade Math 

Eli Fritsche - 5th place

7th grade Math

Beau Tincher - 3rd place

Chase Berwick - 4th place (tie)

Owen Hughes - 4th place (tie)

8th grade Math

Reid Theriot - 6th place

6th grade Science

Carson Williams - 3rd place

Eli Fritsche - 5th place

Garrett Steele - 6th place

Colton Zivney - 10th place

7th grade Science

Caleb Anderson - 4th place

Beau Tincher - 7th place

8th grade Science 

Reid Theriot - 3rd place