7th & 8th Grade Band Uniform Information

Published by  on March 24, 2023

Parents and Students,


There has been some confusion in regard to the MS Band Uniform that will be needed for next week.  Let me hopefully clear some things up for you.


  1. Students will need a white shirt with a collar.  We will be putting on neckties so it won’t work without a collar.  Short sleeve or long sleeve, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Students need to wear black pants. Black jeans are perfect, but please make sure there are no holes that would show skin.  Shirts must be tucked in, so wear pants that will allow this to happen
  3. Shoes – Dark or white shoes.  We originally said dark shoes only.  This is to not attract attention to the performer’s feet. However, white shoes are fine.  We do NOT want colorful shoes.  That would certainly distract from the overall uniformity of the group.