Rocky Start 

Freshmen Volleyball Works to Redeem Record

By: Alli Sims

The freshmen volleyball team started their season with a loss against Spring Hill. While their record now is 0-5, they are improving every game. So far they have played Spring Hill, Tempson, Whitehouse, Halsville and Bullard. Coaches, parents, and fans are waiting to see if they can make a comeback and show what they’re truly capable of. 

“This year has been better in athletics than it was last year because high school athletics is more competitive which is what I like about sports,” Lauryn Rosado said. “Our season hasn’t started off the best but I can tell I’ve personally improved so much already”

Rosado knows that from a win-loss perspective her team has not had a great start, but she also sees her own personal improvement which is just as important. Her skills enhancing will equip her for the next years of volleyball regardless if her team doesn’t win as many games as they would like.

“It’s been challenging trying to all get along, but overall we have improved every game,” said Marlee Rhodes. “Hopefully we will continue to improve throughout the rest of the season.”

Rhodes is the freshmen volleyball team’s setter, and has seen the team’s strengths and faults as the season has continued. The freshmen have had a rocky start to the season, but hopefully they can settle their differences for the sake of the game and save their record.

“It’s been pretty rough so far and we all need to work on our attitudes, but skill wise I think we’ve all improved we just need to learn to stay positive and get along, ” said Andee Bridges. “I’m hoping we will pick it up and have a good rest of season.”

Bridges is the team’s outside hitter, she also plays with the JV team in some games. She sees the contrast between how her team practices and plays compared to the JV and it’s very different. Bridges think that the Freshmen team could be good based on their athletic ability, but without team chemistry, positivity and good attitudes they can’t get better.

“This season we have had quite a few obstacles, but we’ve still managed to improve,” said Bayla Weston. “We’ve come a long way but we still have a lot to work on.”