Strong Start to the Season

 JV volleyball works toward district

By: Kate Dusek

As they prepare for district this season, the JV volleyball team pushes past injuries, illness and adversity to add more victories to their 3-3 record.

The JV, composed mainly of sophomores, each work to carry out their roles on the team, and strive to improve with each game they play.

“My biggest takeaway from the season has been how much of a difference it makes when you actually work as a team and not just as an individual,” middle blocker Londyn Bodovsky said. “It improves the way you play and the way you enjoy the sport overall. We work to improve with each game by focusing mostly on what we struggled at the game before and focusing on improving that skill the practice after a game.”

While they are constantly reminded “you play how you practice,” the Ladynecks use every minute of their practice time to their advantage to improve their focus, effort and skills. 

“I think in some ways you practice how you play, but a game situation is a whole lot different than practicing, so in a way, playing affects how you practice too,” defensive specialist Makenna Barnett said. “My mindset going into every practice is to try my hardest to keep a good attitude with myself and others.”

Even though the players are always working to develop skills and connections on the court, they also create bonds off the court as well. 

“We’ve all been playing together for years, and we have much more chemistry since we’ve all grown up together,” setter Alli Sims said. “We hype ourselves up and bond with music, fun games, learning chants and group chats. As setter, I feel I have to have the most connections on the team because I’m sandwiched between how passers play and how hitters play, and if any of us mess up the whole play could go wrong.” 

By being the only freshman amongst a team of sophomores, outside hitter Andee Bridges is given many opportunities to learn from the older players and their experiences.

“I feel like I learn from the older girls all the time,” Bridges said. “They always give good advice, are encouraging, and lift me up. I feel like in the beginning of the season, I was intimidated, but the more I practice and play with the girls, the more comfortable I become. At first I felt a lot of pressure, but they’ve made me feel super welcome. I like the intensity and how everyone stays positive.”

With this being her first year coaching JV, former head coach of the freshmen team Brittany Edney experiences another year with the returning sophomores she coached last year.

“I was very excited to coach the same team and see how they would grow as players throughout the year,” Edney said. “I am most proud of the girls’ attitudes and determination to get better. Our goal is to be district champs like last year, and I feel like if they continue to grow as athletes and push themselves to get better, there is no reason we can’t reach our goal. I love these girls and being a part of this program, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.”