By Lexi Palmer

The Ladynecks are back in action after a loss at last season’s regional tournament ended their playoff run. The team currently holds a 9-1 record with their first home game of the season slated for tonight vs. Timpson.

“I feel really great going into this season,” senior Emma Hill said. “Our team is really strong and we have a lot of different offensive weapons. I think we will go far if we can work a few things out. I think we will be able to go farther than we did last year, hopefully all the way to state, which is the goal.”

Since Carolee Musick’s retirement, the Ladynecks are learning each other’s playing style as well as their new coach, Morgan High. High served as the assistant coach for last season's team and plans to do big things as head coach for her team this year. High’s resume is impressive as she takes the reins as a member of the 2A state championship team from 2010. 

“I feel very hopeful and ready for this season,” High said. “I know this team is ready to put in the work and be all in every day. I am extremely excited to coach this specific team because of their experience, competitive drive and love for the game. Every player is ready to work and go as far as possible this year. It makes it easy on me to have a team who loves being in the gym and bringing energy day in and day out.”

The Ladynecks played in the Central Heights tournament where they advanced to the championship game, eventually falling to Leon 0-2. They played higher competition here and will continue to face challenging teams, helping them better prepare for the season. 

“I feel like we did great for Central Heights being our first tournament of the season,” sophomore Addison McClanahan said. “I believe playing better teams early on in the season gets us prepared for where we want to go later on in the season.”

The Ladynecks hope to repeat their success from last year and ultimately find themselves at the state tournament. 

“I’m very excited for this upcoming season,” senior Anna Iske  said. “We’ve been working really hard all summer and I think we’re well prepared for the season. We might have lost some good players last year, but I think we’re still capable of going just as far in the playoffs. We’re playing better teams in the preseason this year which I think is going to help us when we face big teams in the playoffs. I love this team so much. We’re all so close and we never get upset with each other when a point doesn’t go our way. Our teamwork and love for each other is what makes us so successful.”