Outdoor Class

White Oak ISD is proud to announce that the Middle School campus is partnering with the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation to offer a very special elective course for our students. The leading provider of outdoor skill, safety, and conservation curriculum to schools nationwide – the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation – is partnering with WO to make its unique Outdoor Adventures program available to students.

The Outdoor Adventures program being made available is a fun, interactive course where students are taught lifelong skills using an integrated curriculum comprised of math, science, writing, and critical thinking. The detailed lesson plans cover angler education, archery, hunter education, boater education, orienteering, survival skills, camping, outdoor cooking, challenge course, backpacking, mountain bike camping, paddle sports, rock climbing, shooting sports, CPR/first aid, and fauna, flora, and wilderness medicine. Mr. Gray and Mrs. Fritsche will teach various aspects of the curriculum. For more Information about OTF visit: https://www.gootf.com/ and/or contact Becky Balboa-MS Principal.